Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Ooops I messed up the kitchen

Last night I melted a million crayons (ok slight exaggeration) to make some rainbow crayons. I'm doing a table top sale on Saturday in the local hall, yeah gonna get rid of some junk, and I thought it's about time this village had a chance to see some good old crafted stuff. Plus me and the smalls found loads of old crayons when we were having a clear out. I did take some pics but I can't find my cable at the moment. Yes the house is in chaos despite the major clear out! :/ I also was up far too late last night drawing some notecards. A lot of people seem to make handmade cards here but they won't have seen any like mine before ;)
If I can find time around the kids, work etc etc I'm hoping to rustle up a few other things. Here's hoping me and the smalls make enough to at least cover our table fee and maybe buy an ice cream afterwards :D


Kookie said...

Good luck with the stall : )
, I thought about having a stall at our annual Xmas Carnival but people around here are so mean that they don't even want stuff if you're giving it away - they expect payment for taking it ; )

Taz said...

To be honest I don't have great expectations but I'm going along with a load of stuff we've cleared out of the house as well so hopefully that will go at least.

Vicki said...

Good luck! I hope you have some very generous customers!!

If you do well, you never know, I might have a craft stall at some point myself!