Monday, 21 April 2008

I did it!

I actually sold something that I made. :D
At the sale on Saturday which was a complete wipe out to be honest - hardly any buyers turned up - anyway I sold 3 of my cards and have 2 commissions one for a baby vest and one for a t shirt. :)
Ok I have a lot of pics to share so I won't go on and on with words today.

Buckeyes that my Gnome swap partner gave me the recipe for. Actually really easy to make and one of those sweeties that you can't pig out on as you really don't need to if you know what I mean. :)

Melted crayons turn into rainbow crayons :D And yes the wax gets everywhere!

Shirt for a friend's birthday.

Shirt for myself.

All the beautiful things I received from my partner in the UK instant swap - a lovely wee Gribbit, a wee ravioli and a gorgeous journal covered in gnomey fabric with wee gnome pockets inside. Lovely lovely lovely!

And these are the gnome shortbread that the smalls decorated this weekend. I received the cutter from my partner in the Gnome swap, wee one wanted to cook so we made some shortbread and voila gnome goodness.


Kookie said...

YAY!! well done on the sales : )

Care to share the recipe for Buckeyes? pleeeeease Taz.....

I love the shirts, your stencils are always great : )

Taz said...

Absolutely of course I'll share. Just have to find the piece of paper and I'll be back with it all typed out for you ;)

Champagne said...

Hello I saw your comment on my dusty blog :) I love that red shirt! Did you make that design on it yourself?

Taz said...

Hi Champagne good to see you :D
The design for the stencil on the red shirt is from ;)