Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Goodness gracious

Glorious sun on a bank holiday! Now let's just hope that that is not the end of our summer already :D
I've been busy with Mother here on a visit, working extra hours and partying too hard but someone has to do it I guess.
We sent out our Kids Craft Swap package today so hopefully that will find it's way down South nice and quickly.
As always I've signed up for (what big one considered far too many swaps at once Mum!) lots of swaps. The kid one was at the request of wee one, I'm also in on the Skull Swap (yep did one before and doing it again) the Nature Swap and the Dr Who Swap (again yes I've done one before and I'm doing it again)
They've all got decent send out dates so fingers crossed I'm not last minute panicing..how do you spell that word?

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