Saturday, 17 May 2008

Man I'm tired

I wasn't sure where the last week went until I just sat down and started to think about it.
The smalls and I went on the local beach clean up last weekend.

The most amusing things we found were one lone trainer, a tube of toothpaste, a huge black plastic plant pot and two big bits of yellow piping. Of course there was the usual plastic bottles, picnic rubbish and dog poo in bags. Honestly why bother picking your dog poo up and putting it in a plastic bag then just dropping it back on the ground! Apparently the beach warden was pleased with the turn out and it was in her words the biggest turn out yet. There was about 15 of us so I'm disappointed that obviously there have been so few people turn out before. The next one is planned for september when I'm sure we'll be picking up lots of lazy people's beach litter.
I've also been busy getting my hands dirty in my own back yard, planting up my lettuce plants and strawberry plants.

The strawberry plant that I put into my old veggie patch is attempting a full take over so I decided to slice off a few runners and pot them, so let's see if they like confinement and still grow. I've got plans on making me a wee fence to put up around my veggie patch to keep the mutts off it and then I can hopefully claim the land back and grow me some more lovely veg. Especially as the price of everything keeps shooting through the roof.

Indoors I finally washed my sprouter and chucked in a few seeds.

They are sprouting already so hopefully I'll be having some lovely sprouts for my lunch this week.

And while I've been on my mother earth trip this week I've also been putting my new bread machine to full use and not bought a single loaf all all long and been baking our own biscuits too!

Which reminds me I really need to post up the buckeye recipe for Karan.


Kookie said...

good luck with the strawberry plants. I've only set flower seeds but the bloody cat has been rolling on them so I doubt if they'll grow *lol* I'm not much of a gardener anyway so it will be nice having the cat to blame ; )

Taz said...

I do the same with the dogs, well at least I blame them for the big yellow patches of burnt grass on the lawn. :D
I'm not much of a gardener either but I'm lucky enough to live in a very fertile part of the world so I just chuck in the seeds/plants and let them do their own thing. ;)