Monday, 19 May 2008

Crafters RSI

Do you think all us crafters will have severe RSI or arthritis when we're older? My finger joint is sore today but then I have spent a good few hours working on a cross stitch design. Big one brought out all her cross stitch stuff last night and asked me to do some with her. After trawling through all her books I found some designs that I thought would fit in with one of my swaps so gave it a whirl. Cross stitch isn't really my thing but 5 designs finger is sore. I must be holding the aidia funny. I notice my fingers get sore after a spate of stencil cutting too. ah well such is life :)
So as I can't share the picture of my lovely cross stitching here's a shot of one of those WTF moments.

I took this photo when I was out walking with the mutts. We were just going along one of the back lanes and there was this cucumber innocently resting on top of the gate post. Did someone drop it walking their dogs after a spot of shopping? Is there a mysterious cucumber plot in the woods? Who know but it made me giggle and I had to photograph it for prosperity.

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