Sunday, 1 June 2008

My baby is home

Big one has been away for a week far far away in France on her School French Exchange trip. She's had an amazing time by all accounts, bless her though she text me everyday and phoned home twice. Mind you I had to bite the inside of my mouth when she phoned the first time and I could hear her voice cracking on the verge of tears.
Now I have both my babies in their own beds and I've spent the week decluttering, crafting, reading and not sleeping and obviously NOT blogging. I'm amazed with all the lovely red dots I have on my map thingy from where people who have been over to visit me. Hello everyone and thanks for taking the time to come visit. It's always lovely to know that people are out there.
I'm afraid despite all the crafting I've done this week I've no photos to share because photobucket is being an arse and while it let me upload a few it then decided that it didn't want to play anymore. So I'll try again tomorrow. :/

Anyway I thought I'd out something fun that I've spotted over at Check her out she's awesome.

It's called Ing
new ings...

watching... Brothers and Sisters (not seen it for weeks so am a tadge confused)

listening to... My new Pigeon Detectives Cd.

eating... A nectine and an apple, look at me being all healthy. (I won't mention the cheese sandwich I had before hand)

shooting... lots and lots of pics of all my crafting adventures.

buying... had a bit of a splurge today and bought a dress for the 21st birthday party I'm going to on Saturday, 2 tops, 5 pairs of flip flops, 1 pair of mock crocs, and an amazing pair of high heels to go with the said dress. Fortunately they were all from Matalan so it didn't cost me an arm and a leg.

selling... nothing at the moment, still to scared to open me own etsy shop.

gossiping... no gossip but I have been listening to all that big one has been up to while away.

completing... 2 loads of washing from big one's suitcase

wondering... why I decided it was a good idea to clear out my baking cupboard right before cooking our evening meal. Everything is still all over the place but I'll deal with it tomorrow. ;)


Kookie said...

I'm off to check on this ING thing but before that : YOU'VE BEEN TAGGED. Questions are on my blogityblog ; ) I look forward to some answers : )

Taz said...

Cool I haven't been tagged for ages LOL
I don't know why my link to sewbunnybum's not showing up on the screen :(