Sunday, 8 June 2008

Photo catchup

Was out last night at the 21st birthday party for the daughter of my boss. It was a formal black and white dress code, so I dutifully donned a dress (which I don't do very often I can tell you), we had a good time though even if trying to boogie to 3 inch heels is a killer!

Anyway pictures, I promised pictures so here we go...

This was my recent haul from the local charity shop. I spent a total of £10.80 and got some great stuff.
4 books, a huge frame, some embroidery floss, some cover your own buttons with material kits, 2 plastic dolls for me and wee one's project of making our garden the strangest ever, a draughts game but unfortuately the board is missing but i've got an old game board that I can convert, a mug thing that is now on my wall holding all my tapes,
and this set of plates, bowls and a jug for £4.50.

This is the shirt I stencilled for the PIF that I sent to Vicki, she's over there ----------> on my list ;)

I won a competition on the Anchor butter website, a set of paint your own wellies, unfortunately the biggest size is still too small for either of my two but they'll be handy as a present sometime in the future.

This is all the amazing stuff I received from TeamWang on the Dr Who Swap over at Craftster.

I don't appear to have any pics on the computer of what I sent but I'm sure they're around somewhere I'll post them when I find them.

This the gorgeous stuff AngryAngel sent me for the Back to Nature Swap.
Check out Nemi, isn't she just THE most gorgeous sprite ever!
And this is what I sent to AA, I was excited to actually sew something for a change, it was a my first attempt at making a bag out of a pillowcase and I used driftwood for the handles. I also got into some cross stitch thanks to big one's encouragement, she was very proud with my attempts bless her.

This is a collective shot of everything I sent to Edel for the Skull Swap

Again I am super excited with myself for not only sewing something but I sewed in a ZIP for the first time ever!!!
It's not as wonky in real life honest.

So apart from doing lots of crafting and trying to declutter the house what else have we been up to? Oh yeah me and wee one had a wee game of hallway bowling

Shame it didn't come with one of those machines that picks them all up and sets them all up again :D


Kookie said...

Wonderful charity shop haul!
I'd love to know what kind of paint is suitable for painting wellies.

I love to see all the swap photos : )

Kookie said...

Hope you are all well up there, you've been bloggy quiet recently xx