Wednesday, 4 June 2008

So many pictures

but just too darn tired tonight. So coming soon to a screen near you will be
* My skull swap stuff.
* My Back to Nature swap stuff.
* My Dr Who swap stuff
* My PIF stuff.

and I've also been putting together a couple of wee tutorials. Yes I know get me, me trying out a tutorial! ;)

But right now I'm off to my bed so here's a nice quick ING for today.
It's called Ing
new ings...

watching... A programme about women in love with objects, eg A woman madly in love with the Eiffel Tower and the Berlin Wall :/

listening to... Radio 1

eating... Chewing gum right now.

shooting... lots and lots of photos of all the swap things I've received recently

buying... Psychologies Magazine.

selling... I've got an electic drum machine that needs a new home if anyone's interested.

gossiping... with my pal who thinks she's discovered a fantastic new diet system.

completing... finished reading a book today sat in the sun.

wondering... how wonderful it's going to be climbing into bed tonight with it's lovely clean sheets.

Night all

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