Thursday, 8 May 2008

More sunshine

and it turned out to be a good day in all ways.
Work wasn't so bad, I think the ongoing work is putting people off from coming in so I spent some time sat out on the back step with my friend who popped in for a juice. Him indoors popped in for his dinner and he met up with one of our friends who confirmed their arrangement to having a lads day out to a Motor Show this weekend. Then him indoors popped back this afternoon with wee one and her friend saying that a bbq sounded like a good idea, so I phoned my friend (mother of wee one's friend) at her work to invite her, invited my mate (and her fella) who had been sat outside with me, then one of my other mates appeared so we invited her and her son too. So all in all today turned out to be a very nice day. :D Tomorrow I hope to be fall asleep on the smalls trampoline in the sun but we all know what happens to fools who make plans so I guess I'll play it by ear. At least one thing I know I'll definately be doing tomorrow is working tomorrow night. :/

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