Monday, 14 February 2011

Hearts and chocolates?

Well it is Valentine's Day. :)

Not a chance of any romantic gestures from anyone for me! But today I'll be taking a two and a half (ish) hour train journey down to Glasgow for Big One's 16th Birthday treat.

We're booked into a central hotel for two nights of shopping, fun and seeing My Chemical Romance in concert.

It's going to be expensive and no doubt tiring but it's going to be grreeeeaaaaat!!!

I hope your Valentine's Day is everything your heart needs ((((hugs))))


bekimarie said...

Have a great time Gawjus!
I'm off now to open all the cards the Postie has delivered ;o)

Me xxx

auntiegwen said...

Chemical romance is never to be sniffed at :) have a brill time, wave to my mammy when you pass her

Emma said...

Have a lovely time together..!

Deanna said...

Happy Valentine's Day to my sweet Taz! I know you are going to have a wonderful time :D


Jude said...

sounds wonderful...hope you can keep up! Hope to hear all about it soon.x

Nearly there Claire said...

What a fantastic Mum!!
Hope you have a brilliant time, looking forward to hearing about it all.
Happy Valentines day oh spouse of mine.

Curry Queen said...

Lucky you - have a fab time -who needs hearts and flowers?!

Pink Feather Paradise said...

My Valentines was just what I needed... and I hope yours was good too! ;D

x Alex