Saturday, 5 February 2011


Now I know there are only 365 days in a year, apart from leap years when they bung in an extra one, but does anyone have birthdays, anniversaries and the like that all fall on the one day or other strange conincidences?

Example -

I was born on my brother's 6th birthday - yeah he wasn't too thrilled either.

At school one of my best friends had the same birthday as me.
My first proper boyfriend had the same birthday as me.
One of my best friends now youngest daughter has the same birthday as me.

My Mum, my best mate's Dad, my old next door neighbour and a new fostering friend all have the same birthday, not the same year I should add. :)

Big one's birthday is exactly one month after mine.

Wee one's birthday has a number 10 in it as does mine and big one's.

The pen pal I've been writing to for some 30 years (OMG I'm old!!!) is two days younger than me and after a dry spell in our letter writing our letters getting back in touch were to tell each other we'd had a baby. Turns out her daughter was born nine days after my big one. :)

And when my Dad died, I was the age he was when I was born.

Is it evident yet that I have totally lost touch with reality? It's amazing how much sleep I've been getting though, lots of early nights. ;) LOL


Emma said...

Your cakes are never colour shy are they?
Loved this post x

lisa ridgeon said...

Oooh! Good post!

This year my eldest son will be 20, i will be 40, my brother-in-law will be 50, my father-in-law will be 80 and my granny will be 90.

Is that the sort of thing you were looking for?


Twiggy said...

Spooky, I was the same age when I had Twiglet as my Mum was when she had me. My Dad was 38 when I was born and Mr Twigs was 38 when Twiglet was born. My Sister's inlaws got married on exactly the same day as our parents. That's all,so far...
Twiggy x

Curry Queen said...

I'm meant to be on a diet and those cakes look delish!