Friday, 11 February 2011

How do you pronounce Yoghurt?

Now personally I call it YOGurt as I say I don't go joe-ging I go JOG-ging. Actually I do neither but that's besides the point. :)

But a lot of people pronounce it YO-ghurt as in Yo-Yo

Not that it really matters but I'd be interested to see how people from different places say it. :)

Now my real reason for all this yoghurt talk is that I bought one of these...

and duly followed the instructions expecting (as my friend makes) lovely creamy thick yoghurt.

What I ended up with was sloppy drinking yoghurt that will be fine for making smoothies but not so great for the usual yoghurt on a spoon type of eating.

What did I do wrong? Does anyone have some yoghurt making experience they can share...please?

Thank you for all the lovely comments about big one's dance and birthday. She had a great time (for both) I will be posting pics of the birthday cake that I made at one in the morning in due course. Why was I making cake at one in the morning? Oh that was so I had something to keep me awake and busy while waiting up for the 'come and get me now Mum' phone call. ;)


lisa ridgeon said...

Well, to start with i hate yogurt, it tastes rank! But i pronounce it yog-urt. I would have said that yo-gurt is the American way of saying it.

On that note, scone is another hot debate. I say scone as the 'e' on the end means you pronounce the 'o'. It is NOT a SCON!! Do you hear me people? Aaaargh!!!


Em said...

its definitely 'YOG' as in 'JOG' I think the other way is the americanised way of saying it!
Hope your big one had a great birthday.
Love Em xxxxxx

Twiggy said...

Belated birthday greetings to your lovely. I know nothing about yoghurt unless it comes in a pot with Thomas the Tank Engine on it, I'm dead sophisticated me !
twiggy x
PS I can't keep up with your daily blogs at the moment !!!

WinnibriggsHouse said...

Just popped by to say thanks for the lovely comment and if you can choose and want to send me your address, my email is, I will send you the mushrooms or dog (so you can hide them away too!) Love it that you are a mad Welsh woman living in Scotland, my ancestors were Welsh, and my sister lives in Scotland!
By the way I am a YOGurt person.
Jenny x

Iz said...

Just seen this post! I had an Easiyo for years and it took a while to get it to work consistently. The secret was to overfill the white flask - a centimetre or so above where they say the maximum is. Maybe our kitchen is cold, but it always seemed to need the extra boiling water. When mixing it up in the bottle, I put in half water, then the powder, then shook it a lot, then topped up with water. I found it always wanted to escape frothily from under the lid. I used to leave it overnight, then refrigerate it during the day ready for tea. Fresh from the pot, not cold, is horrid. I've tried various experiments with real milk, powdered milk and live yoghurt using the Easiyo to incubate it - never worked yet. We eat less yog these days...