Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Christmas Dance

Yes it is February but tonight Big one will be going to her school Christmas Dance. It was postponed from before Christmas due to too much of this

There is an after party and this is the first year she's decided to go. This also means this will be the first year I've to stay up till silly o'clock to go bring her and her pals home. Yes I am far too nice! :D

This is her dress.

And she's already been through my shoes and 'borrowed' a pair very similar to these.

I've got her 'I'm 16' badge ready for her to put on come midnight and her friends are planning on getting everyone singing Happy Birthday to her. Bless them. :) Big one is one of the youngest in her year, in fact several of her friends have already turned 17 - weird cut off dates up here + very bright child = 16 year old sitting her Highers (A Levels) this year. ;)

Fortunately there's no school tomorrow so we can all have a nice long lie in.

Mind you I need all the beauty sleep I can get - tomorrow I'll be the Mother of a 16 year old!!


crafty cat corner said...

Lucky you, being a mother of a 1 year old, wish I could go back to when mine were all at home, miss them still and they've been gone ages.
Still keep myself busy with my crafts. Have a peep at my latest venture into crazy patchwork on my blog.
My eldest son lives in Scotland so I know the kind of weather you get up there, he always says its raining when he rings up.
Luckily we are in the very south so do not get so much rain.

bekimarie said...

EEK..................16, wow you must be ancient ;o)
Hope she has a great time at her dance and an even better Birthday!

Muchos love
B xxx

Jude said...

Well, that worked out very well, didn't it???
Does this mean you don't have to fork out for party??
Here's hoping xx

VintageVicki said...

I hope she has a great night.

Thank you also for making me feel young ;) - I'll be the mother of only a 15 year old tomorrow ;)

Curry Queen said...

Oh bless! I'm sure she'll look lovely in that outfit. ~It's a real rite of passage isn't it?