Sunday, 27 February 2011

Smash-ing Sunday

If you were a teenager in the 80s you quite likely will remember one of my favourite magazines.

Smash Hits

Now click on that link and transport yourself back in time. Brian McCloskey - an amazing individual with what must be an impressive stack of back issues has made this blog and the best bit is if you click on the image of the front cover of each issue it then takes you over to where you can once again read the whole magazine on Flicker!

Honestly kids now won't have the memories of learning the lyrics to your favourite Top 40 songs or cutting out the posters and taping them to your bedroom wall like we had thanks to Smash Hits. Yeah technology is brilliant and you can find anything you want at the click of a button but man I used to love that magazine. :)


VintageVicki said...

What a wonderful link - have saved this to my favourites.

Brings back lots of happy memories - taping the Top 40 and of course learning the words to all the songs.

As for the posters - my walls were covered - could see where my posters ended and my sisters started.

Anonymous said...

oh yes, I loved smash hits! I love the lyrics and the posters! I miss that magazine to this day...! :(

Poppy said...

OMG Taz you have taken me right back to a very happy place.

Lou xxx

Curry Queen said...

Aah Smah Hits....*gazes into middle distance with dappy look on face* you've brought back some memories there....!