Friday, 25 February 2011


Is it just me?

Do you consider

Burger King
Pizza Express

as restaurants?

Personally I thought they were fast food outlets, somewhere you walked in, asked for something that had probably already been cooked 10 minutes ago and then you sat at a plastic table.

Restaurant to me means more proper table with a tablecloth, proper cutlery and someone that comes to your table to take your order and advise you on the choices.

Today I received an invitation to become a SECRET DINER at one of the above restaurants.

Can anyone else smell Spam?


bekimarie said...

No but I can smell burger and really fancy a big mac now lol.
Resturant my arse, although these days I can barely afford to go to any of them let alone a restaurant!

B xxx

lisa ridgeon said...

It does seem a contradiction in terms. I just watched an advert for KFC where they talked about their 'trained chefs'. They might be 'trained' to coat the chicken in the seasoning but does this realy make them 'chefs'?

Em said...

To me Burger King and MacDonalds have always been places where I get the kids something to eat after a long trek around the shops and thats it.
Em xxxx

Deanna said...

We have the nastiest Pizza Hut's here in San Antonio and I will never step foot in one! Back in the 70's it used to be a restaurant..not now.

Deanna :D

Curry Queen said...

Did you know that McDonald's has a Hamburger University and awards degrees in Hamburgerology? Seriously! They take 5 days "intensive training" to attain. Google it!

VintageVicki said...

The only one I'd ever go to is Pizza Express (not Pizza Hut) - as their pizzas are rather nice and you can see them making them from scratch.

Never have done burger places - really don't like them.

Twiggy said...

I had my first ever McDonalds at the age of 41 a few weeks ago, ok done that and being a class bird prefer the fish and chips from our village chippy :) I agree they are not restaurants.
Twiggy x

Poppy said...

I'm with you on this Taz! Fast food crap....

Lou xxx