Thursday, 17 February 2011

7 things you really shouldn't know about me....

I'm usually the world's worst at these kinds of things, nice kind people give me awards and tags and I forget to post about them. But on my current post a day challenge a tag is great as it fills another days quota.

So thank you to the lovely Curry Queen

Here are 7 random things that you could possibly have carried on with your life never knowing and survived quite happily. ;)

Oh but hang on first the rules state I have to pay CQ a compliment - easy done. ;) The Curry Queen has a wonderful sense of humour and any woman who can flash her bum to her noisy neighbour gets my vote. ;)

Now things.

1.I give good accent. In fact if I spend too much time with someone with a strong accent I worry that they will think I'm making fun as I start saying things the way they do.
2.I tend to trust my first instincts.
3.I love the smell of diesel.
4.I never fit in, I'm always the odd one.
5.I would love to build a roundhouse at the bottom of my garden and live in it. Actually I'd rather it was in a field somewhere away from all the other houses. :)

6.I love talking puppets, I go nuts for The Muppets and am enthralled by most (good) ventriloquits dummies. Talking animals are also good. :)
7.I am incapable of going to bed early.

I think I now have to tag more people to keep the chain going so Beki, Alex and Em it's over to you. ;)


bekimarie said...

Lol, I likey, will get on this tomorrow.

Meeeeeeeeee xx

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

You like the smell of diesel- are you mad, woman?!

Deanna said...

Taz sweetie, you are so funny! Nothing wrong in wanting to live in a roundhouse...I love 'um! You love the smell of do I! Plus, I love the smell of new!

Deanna :D

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Oh I can whole heartily agree with all your facts... I would love a little copse that I can put a Yurt up in and I'd have a log burner in it too!...

I will have to do a post now! ;D

Thank you hunni!

x Alex