Wednesday, 16 February 2011

I have a feeling

I will be experiencing this

for the rest of the month. :)


Em said...

I know that feeling very well at the moment Taz!!!
Hope you had a great time at the gig, I just found out MCR are a big rumour for Leeds Festival this year!
Em xxxxxxxx

Pink Feather Paradise said...

yeah but its only money... and I bet the memories of your fabulous time away will be with your daughter forever!

x Alex

Emma said...

Are you all shopped out!
Hope you both had a great time x

Susie Q said...

All I can say; than goodness it's a short month! It's amazing that I had more money at the end of January than I do this month.

How much do I have to spend? £8. Till Weds. Can't wait!

JuicyFig said...

I am avoiding looking at my bank account all together, hoping it will surprise me one of these days!