Friday, 18 February 2011

Have you ever?

Had your face done over by one of those ladies in the big department stores?

I haven't, well I hadn't up until yesterday.

Big one and I were wandering around Glasgow, shopping, having fun when we wandered into a large department store and found ourselves in the makeup department. Of course we were approached by 'the 'ladies' but while usually I would avoid eye contact and walk at a fast pace right out of there yesterday it seemed different.

Big one had a tutorial on tinted moisturisers, primers, blusher and eyeshadows and she looked lovely. Not overly made up but subtly different.

Then the nice young girl offered to do me. :) I had the tinted moisturiser, undereye brightener applied and my eyebrows... well I'm not even sure what you call it but they looked darker and fuller and not the normal thin, pale, baldy looking things they normally do. LOL

Yes I bought the moisturiser for both of us and the face primer!! Ach well it was fun doing a totally girly Mother and Daughter thing that neither of us has ever done before. I actually slapped it all on today, I wonder how long I'll keep that up for. :)

I'm not a huge make up wearer and you may or may not be surprised to learn that the hairdryer my Mum and Dad bought me for my 21st birthday (1991) is still in full working order and I still have all the nozzle attachments.

Anyone still wondering why I'm single? I sound like such a catch don't I? :D

Actually I came to realise that living away from this small village would be good not only for my soul but also for my social life. I haven't been so 'checked out' in a long long time! And wow there are some good looking fellas out there - who knew! I think I may have to save up for a grown up girls night out in the big city ;) LOL

Thanks for all your comments on my timed posts while I was away, I didn't want to break my post a day malarky so that's why they were a rather vague posts. I'm hoping as I get my energy levels back up now that I have my peace back I can update you properly about our trip.


lisa ridgeon said...

I'm not good with make-up either. I use moisturiser, tinted moisturiser and mascara and then i'm done. I realy don't have a clue so i have to just embrace my natural beauty!

As for the plumbers, i may have skipped a few details. The boiler broke down in September and it has taken this long to get it fixed. It was just lucky that there is a plumber business near our office who do industrial work (which is why we hadn't asked them first)but they had done our friends home boiler (another business neighbour) and they very kindly did ours too. And they booked us in two weeks after the first chat! They were a lucky find indeed!


Twiggy said...

Bet you looked lovely missus. I had a makeover before I got married about 100 years ago, thankfully it was about a week before the big day. For some reason the make up artiste (I use that term tongue in cheek), thought my make up would be great if it matched my bridesmaids frocks. I came out looking like a transvestite :) I don't do make up these days just a bit of tinted moisturiser, mascara and polyfilla ;)
twiggy x

Jude said...

Love it...and keep up the the mother /daughter thing...we still do and we both really look forward to them

Pink Feather Paradise said...

I use to work in Boots the Chemist... I hung out in the perfume department, decifering vague discriptions of what men thought their ladies liked in a bid to find a perfume they would be pleased with.. oh and then I'd gift wrap it.. although management didn't overly like my exceptional service as I ws "taking too long" with the customers! ;D but they woudl come back so it must have been worth it!

glad you had a good girlie day... Jamie and I had a bit of a girlie day today... ! ;D

x Alex

Curry Queen said...

Sounds like you had a fun day! I had one of those make overs once (and did my first ever post about it!) Sadly, I ended up looking like the bastard love-child of Bet Lynch and Danny La Rue....*sobs*

Nearly there Claire said...

LOL!! Oh you do make me laugh...!
I'm sure you don't even need make-up on the other hand, can't live without it...eek!!!

auntiegwen said...

I'm sure you look great. I wrote about my expereience in my auntiegwens guide to personal grooming.

Gawjus I was not !