Monday, 17 May 2010

Spam off!

It seems it doesn't matter if it's through our letter boxes or straight into our virtual inbox there is always someone trying to charm the money out of our pockets.
I'm just glad that the junk that comes through the house letterbox isn't the same as the online stuff though. Imagine having to explain this lot to the small people!

Inbox today.

* Someone offering a free bus pass - I'm only 40 for godsake!
* Apparently my Amazon order has been paid and I just need to open an attachment and get my tracking number to claim it - umm haven't ordered anything and anything I have ordered in the past has never been done this way. Point to me, attachment which is no doubt a virus or a scam is unopened.
* Some company offering to claim back the thousands I'll be owed from being mis-sold my loan - I don't have a loan!
* A company offering me pills that will enlarge my penis - again oddly enough something I don't have!
* An offer to buy viagra impotence medicine online - not something I was aware I was suffering from but then I don't have a penis!
* Another company offering me not just viagra but Canadian viagra - must be better than the usual stuff eh?
* And finally the Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement agency have my compenstation payment - I wasn't aware I'd been involved in anthing I needed compensation for and where exactly did you get my email addy from SCDEA? Oh and just one final hint, when I worked for the police we didn't use MSN accounts as our email addresses. IDIOTS!


twiggypeasticks said...

All my spam is about enlarging my penis and selling me dodgy Rolex watches :)
Twiggy x

Em said...

Oh junk file is full of penis enlargement offers, viagra, cheap electrical goods sales and failed UPS deliveries with attachments!!
Its the poor suckers who fall for these scams I feel sorry for.
Em xx

Menopausal musing said...

I've had one in the past: "Get a dick so big you can knock a wall down with it"........

Yeah! right...................

madmummy said...

I have just got my laptop back after a nasty computer virus, so wanted to send you a HUGE thankyou for my parcel, certainly worth waiting for ;0) !!
xx Steph

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Apparently my details for my halifax, alliance and leicester and lloyds bank accounts are compromised and I need to verify them imediately.... I don't have accounts in any of those banks... plus do you get the foreign "hello me transfer money to your country" ones...? I love the way they word their opening line... I never open any of them of course

x Alex

Kookie said...

I'm always tickled by the penis enlargement ads in my inbox although I haven't been offered one big enough to knock walls down with :)

lisa ridgeon said...

Good lord! I have never had emails like that. I did have a phone call saying i was due some compensation for a car accident i had a few years ago and that i should see my doctor about my neck pain as soon as possible so it was on my notes! I didn't and don't have neck pain so i suggested they were being rather naughty and i wasn't interested in the compensation! Scammers!