Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Dear You know who you are.

The more you try to drop subtle hints about the 'state' of my garden just remember this. I might be 40 years old but in my head I'm still 19 so everytime you try to make me feel like I should do something you can bet I'll do the complete opposite!

The fact I have a bath and sink full of bits of wall on my patio just now might have given you a big hint that I'm having a new bathroom fitted! That is still ongoing so it will all disappear when the bathroom is finished. My house is not even attached to yours so it is not infringing on you and you can't even see it when your humungous caravan is on your drive.

I unlike some do not have an OCD about my lawn, trust me I have lots of OCDs about other things but how long my grass is or the fact it has bald patches does not bother me, I have too many other things going on just now to worry about.
See those 2 small people that hang around my house? They're my kids, they use the garden to play in. See that big, smelly thing that says woof occasionally? That's my dog and he uses the garden to play in, dig in and c**p in!
Oh and while we're on the subject of my dog could you leave him be and stop encouraging him to stand paws up on the stupid small wall you built in place of my much taller hedge without my permission. I have already asked you not to do this as he is old and is having trouble with his back legs. Get your own dog maybe?

And please stop trying to 'educate' me about the weeds in my garden, I actually like the more natural look for plants and just because some of the plants in my garden don't come out of the Dobbies catalogue doesn't mean they aren't pretty or I can't have them in my garden. It's my garden!


bekimarie said...

Some weeds are so pretty ;)

B xxx

twiggypeasticks said...

ha ha that's really a letter to my MIL isn't it :)
your garden hun, do what you want with it
twiggy x

Claire@AreWeNearlyThereYet said...

You know what I think? You need a Rooster!!! With some very busy ladies!!! What fun and great source of entertainment they are, and their gorgeous singing would drive your anal neighbour to dispair! Do it Taz, do it, do it, do it! hee hee! x

Anonymous said...

Great to hear someone else has an annoying neighbour. We have one very prim lady who complained to the council about cat poo....sorry but you can't prove it was my cats...:P
We also got letters about our grass being too long!...oh my gods! I had just put the grass down!...I could have a massive rant....I really could!
But instead i say, you rant as much as you need too!!...also sunbathing on an old matrass would lower the tone of your street and get right up her nose

Em said...

Oh god if I was you..I'd never ever ever cut my grass now!!!
My mum's neighbour complains that my mums tiny little dog upsets her cat when its having its tea!!
Whereas my Mum never complains that her neighbours cat sits on the wall teasing the dog until it gets over-excited and barks.
Grrrrrrrr neighbours from hell..who needs 'em!
Em xx

Menopausal musing said...

You can't please all of the people all of the time................. that's for sure.... :O))))

caroline said...

HA HA!!!I'm with you. My garden is an absolute tip. The cats play in it and the chicken eat everything they can see. I like it that way, but the neighbours put up a huge 6 foot fence. I'm happy! I don't have to deal with them and it still doesn't stop my cats pooping in their pristine garden.

The Girl said...

Yeah I'd be tempted to make it messier!!

Some people seriously have nothing better to do with their lives.

(Also I hear you about being the odd one out in the group. Not sure how people will feel about me (hopefully) no longer being the fat one!)

JuicyFig said...

you go girl!!! woohooo!!! it's garden envy they have really!

My next door neighbour is my brother and he still gives me no end of greif, apparantly one of our cats has taken to walking into his house and cr*pping in the middle of his kitchen - now unless he has upset the cat in some way, I can't think why on earth little bodders would do it!


Pink Feather Paradise said...

Hee Hee... does your neighbour read your blog?
Sounds like your not conforming to standards expected by your neighbours.... you go girl! lol

x Alex