Friday, 7 May 2010

Not how I remember school choir

PS22 Chorus "I AM NOT A ROBOT" Marina And The Diamonds

I think we might have had a few more members if we'd been allowed to sing Top 40 hits :)


ilovemyhouse said...

That's a great school choir. Wish we had one like that than my children would join it. xx

bekimarie said...

Beats the crap we had to sing doesn't it?
Really miss Jess' primary school choir, their version of Take Thats 'Rule the world' made me cry every time.
I'm actually filling up now just thinking of it.
Have a great weekend hun

B xxx

Pink Feather Paradise said...

We use to sing "when I'm 64" ( in assembly...

we use to really get into it!

x Alex

Menopausal musing said...

Not how I remember it either....... that was a brilliant little film.... :O)

lisa ridgeon said...

That's brilliant! I had to sing 'A Little Tiny Bird' as my audition to get in to my school choir and the song choices didn't get any better after that! I only joined as i could get out of lessons for rehearsals!

JuicyFig said...

too funny - I love the passion in the kids faces and actions! I remember singing about a little spanish town, a crocodile and a song about sardines that everyone I know deny's is a song - I'm sure my mum and dad weren't into acid!!! hehehe