Thursday, 6 May 2010

20p Madness and feeling blue

Remember I told you about my local charity shop ladies and how fiercely they guard their button boxes? Well the upside of that is when there are things in the shop that haven't been priced they make the prices up there and then.
I popped into the shop on Monday to drop off some books that I'd finished with and as always managed to find a few bits and bobs to take home. As you can see it was a totally colour themed buy, which to be honest I didn't even notice until I got home and took the photo.

Now books are always 20p unless they are a hard back and then the price shoots up to 50p. Guess where most of my books come from? Crazy prices...and eldest small person wonders why I exclaim "How much!!!" when I'm in a proper book shop.

Anyway where was I, oh yes the wee old ladies who just grab prices out of thin air when there is no price sticker to be found. Now I'm not sure how much they usually charge for knitting needles but I'm pretty sure I paid more than this last time but I just had to have these beauties, the colour of them is so fab! So there was no price on them, the books were 20p, the wool was £1.20 so it was only logical that the wee lady serving me grasped 20p out of the air for my needles. :)


Menopausal musing said...

20p??? Twenty "P"??? How lucky are you? We get nothing for less than at least 50p here. Love those needles.

a mermaids purse said...

i soooo know where your comming from- those little old ladies are in every town and every charity shop hehe...i like the arguments in mine about bagging up!...none of the ladies like the new cash register so they scarper behind a rail of clothes looking like they might be pricing something until 'new' old lady on the shift walks straight into their trap of taking over the till hehe...BUT bagging up!! hey all want to do that...its quite funny coz a few of them are deaf (thats not funny) but they cant hear me, so when i say i have a bag they do not hear and bag my goodies up anyway hehe...I remember going in scope the other week and saw a lovely dress by 'fat Face' priced 6.99...old lady said thats a very steep price i'll let you have it for 3.99- but on the possitive these lovely older ladies keep the prices down heehee ;0)xx

Pink Feather Paradise said...

ooohhhh bargain.... I don't knit but even I would have bought those needles... love that colour...

I am getting some stuff together for charity shops... do you think they treat you better if you give before you buy..? does it sweeten their mood...? or have they honed their stealy gazes at all those old fashioned jumble sales I remember from my youth... lol!

x Alex

Flossie and Tom said...

Thats amazing - we have one charity shop we go to and the little old ladies start trying to add the prices up in there head - then they look at the size of the pile in front of them - and if its Huuuuuge they say "10, 90, 1.40, 2.70, 3.75, 4.25 ehhhh will £2 be ok ??????????

Thanks for my welcome back


Claire@AreWeNearlyThereYet said...

Yay! 20p!

I always say 20p,
*if I have a bet -20p
*bribe for the boys -20p
*pricing up at boot sales -20p
*remaining bank balance
20 BLOOMING p!!!



p.s. obviously I don't get much done with only a 20p bribe, make much money at boot sales with 20p prices, win a lot at the races with 20p and my bank balance is really much less than 20p!!!

twiggypeasticks said...

Ha ha my fave charity shop is like that, the books are 30p !! lovely coloured wool. Twiglet would like the book title, he is obsessed with the original Italian Job. He sings the self preservation society. however he sings, it's the first stop selation , the scientist - lol
twiggy x

The Girl said...

I need to start looking for these little old lady charity shops!

Although the groaning bookshelf that is struggling to cope with the weight of all my unread books can manage just fine without a supply for 20p books!

Em said...

My fave charity shop sells books three for £1 which is still a bargain (although nothing like your 20p books)and always has an interesting selection.
Not much luck with anything else nice recently in our charity always seems to be full of suitcases and faux mahogany towel racks!
Em xx


Long live the Ladies of the Charity shop!! Gwd Bless em All!!

They keep my crafting stash alive and interesting!

Vicky x

JuicyFig said...

I will one day be one of those little old ladies in a charity shop I am sure!

What a bargain, and I love the colour of the needles and the wool!


Anonymous said...

Oh how I long for a charity shop with 20p books - the ones round me all charge at least a third of full price!

Love the colour theme!