Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The reason I put a ban on myself

from doing anymore swaps until I fulfilled those that I am already obscenely behind with -
I guess anyone with any sense wouldn't have signed up for any swaps just after their marraige had hit the rocks but obviously I have no sense.

This is the very over due Spring Swap for MadMummy that she finally has with her. She tells me it was worth the wait but I think she's being kind.

You'd think I'd have ironed them don't you, well I did actually so there! But I realised once I'd wrapped them all up that I hadn't taken any pictures. So I apologise for creased shirts Steph.

Lot of bits and pieces and of course choccy.

Extremely blurry shot of the detail on the side of the dish. Did the dish survive in one piece Steph?

So one swap finally received, now I've still Beki's to finish up and the two giveaway shirts that I owe Mrs Twiggy (can you remind me what you wanted on your shirt Twigs) and Mrs JBJB. Sigh I am sorry ladies :(


The Girl said...

Hey talented lady! Those tshirts are amazing! Love the design on the pink one especially.

bekimarie said...

Lol,what more can I say ;)

B xxx

twiggypeasticks said...

oh it doesn't matter missus, it was a botty sniffing dog t.shirt in normas knockers size if I remember rightly :)
Love the t.shirts!!
Twiggy x

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Loving the tea shirts and bits and bobs... I know what you mean about swaps... they seem really do-able at the time of joining and then the reality of having no time or space to be creative hits home! lol

x Alex

Anonymous said...

I'm loving your skills with t-shirts, very cool...would love to give it ago myself but I'm in the same position as your eariler post...too many other things to be doing!

lisa ridgeon said...

Love the prints Taz. Is that screen printing? I had a go at that at college, i loved the crisp prints you could get from it but didn't like the messy, inky hands!

I also love those plastic monster finger puppet thingys. They take me back to my childhood.


Lydia said...

Hi Taz -

I put a ban on my blogging - so many pants, so little time. Now I am busy catching up with everyone!

Thankyou for popping by and checking I was't buried... Oh & for the tag as well, i will do it!

Love Lydia xx

The Girl said...

hey thanks for the soup advice but I'm already way ahead of you - currently have butternut squash and red pepper soup and carrot and orange soup stuffed in my freezer so it's mine whenever I fancy it!

madmummy said...

LOVED my tshirts, and have had several compliments on them too!! Dish arrived in one piece, and the parcel was a lovely surprise, when I wasn't expecting it (and having a rubbish week) so all good!!
Thanks again, Steph x