Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Yes well

to make up for probably scarring a fair few of you for life with that poor piggy on my last post I thought I'd share some photos of the lovely Tapas big one and I shared while we were down in Glasgow.
Hopefully this will help bring any lost appetites back ;)

The food was absolutely gorgeous and as you can see from the last photo we were struggling to finish it. The lovely waiter urged us to keep eating but we just couldn't force anymore into our very full tummys. You have to like a restaurant where the staff are obviously of Spanish descent AND they encourage you to eat. :D

I'm thinking of reasons why we need to go back to Glasgow really really soon just so we can go back the restaurant again and again. :)


Deanna said...

Hand me a napkin...I'm drooling all over!

Deanna :D

Jude said...

Tapas and mezedes, which is what we have here are wonderful...but very difficult to refuse..Our difficulty is they come free when you order anything alcoholic...and they are not small in our local cafenion!

The Girl said...

Oh man I love tapas. So jealous of all you had going on there!

Taz said...

Jude - I look forward to one day getting back to Crete and having lots and lots more Meze :) x

The Girl - it was fab, here's to you getting a nice treat soon x

Taz said...

Deanna - napkin duly handed over ;)

bibbitybob said...

Yum!! That looks delicious x

Nearly there Claire said...

Wow, that looks delish! The Tapas place in my town has the lights to dimmly lit you struggle to see what you're eating at all, maybe there's a reason for that ;o)

Glad you both enjoyed it. x