Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Too much stuff

I'm on, what feels like, a constant decluttering spree.

When we moved into this house some 9 years ago we didn't have enough furniture to fill it.

9 years on and some pretty miserable times and it would seem I have surrounded us (with some help I might add) with too much stuff.

There always seems to be piles of things, everywhere.

I sort through things and make a pile, then move that pile to another place.

Then another pile materialises.

Then I take bags and bags of things to the charity shop, to the skip, to the recycling centre.

I come home...

There are piles of stuff still.

It doesn't help that the ex still has a lot of stuff here but I'm hoping he can be persuaded that after two years of us being apart it's time for him to get it shifted - either that or he'll be getting billed for skip hire. ;)

A psychologist would probably have a field day telling me lots of different theories as to why this is happening but I pretty much know why it happens, I just need to keep going so one of these days there will only be two small piles.

An In pile that is dealt with on a daily basis


An Out pile.

For my house and for my head let's hope this time I clear it all.

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bekimarie said...

Order the book hun, I'm really hoping it helps Me xxx