Thursday, 24 March 2011

How old!

So today I rolled up my sleeves and tackled the dreaded airing cupboard.

Now, of course because it's me, my airing cupboard isn't your traditional kind of cupboard with a door or where the hot water tank used to hide out.

No my airing cupboard is more of a box. A great big thing that's been built in between the wall space between the two front bedrooms. Imagine a chest freezer style wooden box full of years of sheets, towels, blankets. The lid doesn't stay open so you have to constantly hold the lid up and it's a blinking heavy.

I have tidied and sorted it several times over the years but now that I have finally been smacked around the head with the realisation that I don't have to keep everything just incase I decided it was time for a proper sort out.

So I emptied out the whole box and sorted and sorted and sorted.

Sometime later.....

I had

One big bin bag full of stuff to go to the charity shop


One big bag of things to be cut up and used for cleaning rags.

The box is now practically empty. There are two changes of duvet, sheets etc for all the beds in the house. One on and one off.
And two each for either gender of foster child I have staying.

I've kept the wee blankets that were handmade each for the smalls - one each.

I've also kept the two big crochet blankets my Nanna made and the big heavy duty blankets for those cold cold nights we tend to have up here.

The title of the post was for the two towels I found right at the bottom that my Mum made for me when me and the ex were setting up home many many moons ago. They will be used for the dog's next bath then disposed of.

I'm all fired up to keep going but this weekend I'm here there and everywhere running everyone around, oh and taking the smalls to see McFly.

Now where did I put those 'just incase' ear plugs?


Curry Queen said...

I envy you - I badly need to do the same de-cluttering thing to my airing cupboard, my wardrobe, the Shah's wardrobe...the list goes on and on!

VintageVicki said...

I did that with my blanket box - only keep the towels/bedding we needed and either ragged or CS'd the other bits.

Just need to find some steps so I can sort the top shelf of my aircupboard - I think some things up there might be from the previous owners of this house!!

Menopausal musing said...

How GOOD were you????? I always end up putting most of it back (just in case).

Twiggy said...

Will you come and sort mine out please? I have to close the door speedy, quick at the moment or it all falls out !!
Twiggy x

Things Hand Made said...

oh the airing cupboard, I dont dare go in there!

Taz said...

I will happily come on a aircupboard road trip and do all your cupboards in exchange for cake, drinks and lots of chat and giggles :D xx