Saturday, 12 March 2011

Mother Earth

is surely telling us something.

My thoughts are with those that have been effected by the earthquakes and subsequent tsunami over in Japan and other parts of our dear planet.
I've been practically living on my Facebook as I have a friend that lives over there with her young family. Her updates are duly pounced on by all of us that have been worried. Sometimes modern technology sucks but it's times like this that I'm really grateful for it.

As always when these horrific things happen we all tend to pull those we love close to us and have tears in our eyes imagining what we would do if it was to happen to us.

(((((Hugs to all)))))


bekimarie said...

Apparently the world is going to end *as we know it* in 2012 and I'm really beginning to believe this to be true.
Mother Earth is certainly trying to tell us something!
Tears have been shed here, I can't bear the thought of something like this happening and my babies (maybe) being somewhere else.

B xxx

Menopausal musing said...

Devastating ............

Poppy said...

I just wish I could do something! :0( xxxx

Nearly there Claire said...

A well written post.

I can't bring myself to read/watch any updates on the matter as I got myself in such a tizzy over it all... I feel so helpless. x