Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Free Art anyone?

Well everyone likes pretty pictures don't they?

Feed Your Soul
is the project ran by Jen Wallace the writer of the blog Indie Fixx. Be sure to check that fab website out too ;)

Anyway Jen asks artists to contribute pieces of their artwork for free and you (the reader) can then download them, print them out and stick them on your walls to make your home feel like a proper art gallery. Of course you must not sell them or use them in anyway for your own financial gain. And hopefully you will be inspired to save up your pennies and buy a proper original

Now go, go see, lots and lots of lovely pictures by very talented people to brighten up your day. See how nice I am to you lot?


bekimarie said...

I'm going, I'm going, I may be a while!

B xxx

Poppy said...

You are nice my lovely! I will go off now and have a look.

Lou xxx

Curry Queen said...

What a great idea - thank you!