Friday, 18 March 2011

I really should send more letters

I'm sure everyone's already seen and used these new Royal Mail stamps but for me.

Magical Realms Stamps.

How cool are they?

Unfortunately the post I do send out is usually in big boxes so the postage is printed off on a boring white label.

Actually now would be a good time to go stock up on some stamps as on the 4th April First class stamps go up by 5p to 46p and 2nd-class 4p to 36p.


bekimarie said...

I've not seen either, thay are rather fab aren't they xxxxxxxx

Fran x said...

I haven't see these stamps,they sort i would never want to use.I might just get some to frame :)

Nearly there Claire said...

You could always send me a letter :o) not sure if Baz wouldn't eat it mind...
They're brill stamps though. x

Curry Queen said...

I hadn't seen these until now - feel like rushing down to the post office!

Poppy said...

I’ve not seen them, but I have now!

Lou xxx