Sunday, 6 March 2011


Last night I went out with a pal.

I drove as she doesn't drive.

But she doesn't drink so it was a very sober evening.

We had a lovely meal then went to a couple of pubs but there is really only so much fizzy pop a girl can drink.

So we had a coffee.

The town was really quiet so we hatched a plan.

And found ourselves in Asda doing some late night shopping.

My pal has never been late night supermarket shopping before so she found it all rather exciting.

My other pals are finding it hysterical that on a Saturday night out I was driving and ended up shopping.

At least that part of the evening was entertaining as later on I had to cope and deal with an extremely upset Big One. Let's just say it was very hard remaining civil to her Father this morning when he came to collect her. Grrrrr


Lydia @ Twelve said...

'Tis a wild life we lead......

Well done one remaining civil - I find voodoo jelly babies very theraputic though....


Curry Queen said...

Sounds like we had a similar Saturday night out - Ikea was a blast. Not.

auntiegwen said...

It's very hard being the emotional mopper upper. I am mopping up in empathy with you xxxx

Twiggy said...

Oh dear, I hope everything is ok now? You can't beat late night shopping, we did it once when Twiglet was about 2 months and had colic. He screamed his head off at home and then slept all way round Asda at around 2 in the morning - little minx!!
Twiggy x

Deanna said...

Hi dear! I agree with Lydia, well done on remaining civil!

Hop on over to my blog and take a guess on the Jelly Bean Contest. Hopefully that will cheer you up!

Deanna :D

bekimarie said...

Hmmmmm voo doo not thought of that ;o)
You have done so much better than me babe as I haven't been able to be civil :o(
Huge ((huggles))

Beki xxx