Thursday, 22 January 2009

I swear they'll make me grey

Tonight I had eldest small persons parents evening specifically for Maths and English. She is sitting her exams in those subjects this year. As it is a Wednesday wee one has her swimming class so I had to rush back from that, get something cooked to feed the small people then rush out of the door to get to the school in time for my first appointment. I left big one in charge of mashing up the tatties, grabbed my keys and off I went. Both teachers gave glowing reports (as always) concerning big ones capabilities and expectations for her upcoming exams. So off I went back home with a nice warm glow knowing that I must be doing something right for her to be such a great kid.
I thought it was strange to be met by the dogs in the back garden and I could see that it was Blackpool illuminations inside the house with nearly all the lights on. It was only as I came in through the back door and big one shouted for the dogs to get out, wee one burst into tears and I could big one had plaster on plaster on plaster up her arm that I knew something bad had happened.

Wee ones latest way of expressing her annoyance with someone or something is to slam a door. We have always told the smalls that it is a dangerous thing to do, you know trapped fingers etc etc etc. Well tonight after they had finished their meal wee one had requested pudding. Big one had told her to wait until I got home as she was not sure what was for pudding and I wouldn't be long. Wee one was not placated with this and stormed out of the kitchen slamming the door behind her then for extra effect returned and slammed it once again.

Unfortunately the door out of the kitchen is one with a wooden frame and a huge glass insert. Fortunately it is safety glass so although it broke it did not shatter into a million pieces all over the place. Big one did scratch herself on the glass and once the realisation of what had happened hit home she was a bit shakey. Wee one was upset because her sister was hurt and of course she'd broken something. Big one had already given her sister the whole 'glass is dangerous' talk just before I got in and of course I gave it her again plus again with the we do NOT slam doors routine.

I took the door off its hinges straight away and thankfully everyone is ok but jeeze what a night! And no I won't be replacing the door with one with all that glass in it and why do things like this happen when him indoors is away?


Pink Feather Paradise said...

Oh my what a night! I am sure you are just thankful that no-one was seriously hurt, and well done for having safety glass.

My kitchen door has 10 panes of glass, which I would not think are very safe, I don't particularly like it so I am going to replace it with a solid door!

Hugs to everyone

twiggypeasticks said...

Blimmin heck, pour yourself a large drink and eat some cake. It's scarey when you think what could have happened, so glad everyone is ok. Twiglet gives me many heart stopping moments!!
Twiggy x

Taz said...

Thanks for the support :) I think I must have been in shock too as my boss pointed out today that I didn't need to remove the whole door just the glass and I could have boarded it up until I could get a new door. Doh! Too late now as the door was outside in all the rain last night.