Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Another sad goodbye and other general blahs

Tony Hart died at the grand age of 83. He was always like a friendly grandpa or uncle who understood how much you loved to draw and would give you hints and tips on how to try out new ideas.

So what else has been happening in the world of Taz. Not a great deal to be honest. Spent pretty much all of yesterday and today asleep. Saturday night I went out. It was supposed to be a belated birthday drink for me and a pre-birthday drink for one of our friends. My best friend phoned me in the afternoon to say she didn't think she'd be going out wasn't feeling up to it, so I didn't rush back from shopping with the kids. But as I was dropping wee one's friend home I got a message saying she was out and hurry up down to the pub. So I had to rush home, jump in the shower and find something that didn't need ironing. Anyway it was a fun night out.
Sunday was a lazy day. ;)
Today I got up, go the smalls off to school, came home made myself a mug of coffee and thought oooh I'm cold I'll just go back to bed and read a bit of my book then get on with my day. Hmmm I woke up about an hour before wee one was due home from school. Ooops. Not sure if it's still the fallout from my ear infection, just the general ugh effect of lack of sun or the fact that the Dr upped my meds and they do tend to wipe me out. Or all of the above. Anyway I've made arrangements to go see a friend for coffee and cake tomorrow so I HAVE to stay awake. Plus if I don't get my butt into gear soon my ironing pile is going to claim a casualty.

Oh but there is a little bit of sunshine on a cloudy day. Being Human is coming back as a proper series and I'm really hoping that despite the change of 2 of the main actors it will still be as great as the pilot promised it to be.


Anonymous said...

It was sad to see Tony go but i hope he understood how may kids he inspired.
Being Human, at last someone else who watched it, i was a tad miffed they chose to go with the weird comedy thing over what looked to be a fresh take on the vampire, werewolf theme. Ha i didn't even notice the vampire guy had been changed, but i like the new ghost gal, she was in sugar rush and was pretty good, also a dr who episode!

Hope you stay awake for cake, always a good reason!

Shabby Chick said...

Yes I'm sad about Tony Hart too, he was such a hero to me as a child, I used to love watching Hart Beat and he seemed like such a genuine and kind man.

Glad you had a fun night out... and you must have needed that sleep :)

Mel xxx

Pink Feather Paradise said...

I use to love watching Tony and he definately inspired me....I have not heard of that programme but it is right up my boulevard! I will have to record it though as its not Mr P's cup of tea, he'll only sit there and huff and puff! at least I will get the tv controller while he's away! lol

Alex x

fiftiesgirl said...

Tony will be sadly missed.
My ironing pile nust be competeting with yours. I cannot close the cupboard door n it anymore so must go and get it done!!

The Vintage Kitten said...

Its really sad about Tony Hart, you think people like him will go on forever. He was such a big part of my childhood tv viewing. He will be sadly missed. X

Taz said...

Fi I'm glad you saw it too, I was beginning to think I'd made the whole thing up as no one except me and big one had seen the pilot. :) Fingers crossed they won't spoil the whole show with too many funnies.

Yes Mel I definately needed the sleep LOL

Alex I look forward to hearing how you like the show ;)

Fifties girl did you get any ironing done? I didn't!

Yes VK he will be :(