Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Charity shops rock and my obsession with books

Well I really couldn't face another day of housework today. Bad me. So I took myself off to the nearest town to have a charity shop wander and to pick up an 18th and a 16th birthday card. With most people having a clear out over the Xmas holidays you can sometimes find some interesting bits and pieces but not this trip. :( Maybe the credit crunch is keeping people from parting with anything or people are just waiting for a good spring clean. What I did find though was lots and lots of wonderful books. Yep 4 bag fulls of books later and very sore hands from carrying them and I was ready to make my way home and try and find a spare inch of space on the bookshelf for them. Not much hope of that our bookshelves are positively bulging, I even have piles of books on the floor. Perhaps I need another sort out of my books and send some of the ones that I've already read or will never read back to the charity shops. Or maybe I should have a go at making something like this


Oh I do love my books. Reading a book is a great way to spend time all to yourself no matter what time of year it is. I've read books snuggled up on the sofa with a blanket and a hot drink, I've read books lying on the beach squidging the sand between my toes, I've read books thousands of feet up in the air (in an airplane obviously) I've read books on a boat, in a train, at work, in parks yep I've read pretty much everywhere. Did I ever tell you I was a bookworm?

And while we're on the subject of books there is still time to enter my birthday give away I will leave it open until midnight UK time and will draw it straight away. It's ok I don't go to bed early.
The winner will be announced on Friday 16th January.

Right now where did I put my book....


Pink Feather Paradise said...

Please tell me that last picture is a library and not your books.....I love books about anything.... and I love decorative tins too! trouble is I don't have room for either... and yet I still get more!lol

x Alex

Taz said...

No that's not my bookshelf, the picture shows far fewer books than I own and in a much tidier state than mine ever are :)
Sounds like we could have a house swap and not realise we were in a different house LOL