Thursday, 7 July 2011

Summertime Nom nom nom's

Now having a pinterest account for some time now you'd think I'd have saved where I found this recipe wouldn't you?
No you probably know me well enough now to know that I wouldn't, that I would see it, think ooooh that looks not only yummy but really easy to do. Thus store it away in my head and have it pop back up again when I least expected.
Yeah that's the Taz you know so well. ;)

So anyway I didn't invent this recipe, I don't even know what the proper name for it is BUT I do know that it is delicious and wee one agrees.

There are only 4 ingredients, well 5 if you want to include the bread. ;)

I don't have quanities I'm afraid. I just used my eye and thought "yeah that looks about right."

* So take a large bowl and pour in a good glug glug glug of olive oil.
* Chop up a bunch of spring onions, finely.
* Chop up a good couple of handfuls of toms, I used cherry vine ones but you could use nice big ones, especially if you've got some home grown - more on that later.
* Take some feta cheese and crumble up. Again no quantity but I guess it depends on how big a bowl you are making.
* Mix up together with the oil and leave to sit for as long as you like, or not long at all if you're like me and wee one and just wanted to eat it straight away.
* Slice up some nice fresh bread, we used a French Stick.

Take yourself out in the sunshine, sit down, take a slice of bread and smoosh it into the dish.

And enjoy!

Added bonus - wee one spotting that the end of the bread was a heart shape, the end to a perfect meal.


Curry Queen said...

Aw that looks delicious! Have you tried making Tabbouleh? Equally nice!

Taz said...

No I've not tried that one, what bulgar wheat is though? :)

B............... said...

My kind of meal will be doing this when the sun makes a reappearance (if it ever does).
You really should try Tabbouleh, tis blummin lovely, one of my faves!

B xxx

Me said...

Oh this looks lovely- so simple and summery.

A pinterest account- I need one! I have too many things saved that I never get around to re-visiting because I've forgotten what I've saved them under! Do you have to have an invitation?...


ps- 'smoosh' is an underused word!!

Taz said...

give me your email addy if you want an invite hon ;)

smoosh is a fab work isn't it? :D

Josie said...

looks lovely, I prefer meals like this but hubby prefers pie and chips!
Josie x

Pink Feather Paradise said...

I'm getting more and more into these summery finger foods ... I might have to scoop it up with sweet peppers though as breads off the menu at the moment ... Xx