Saturday, 9 July 2011

Home Grown

Now I mentioned homegrown tomatoes. Oh yes I did.

Despite spending several back breaking - my muscles are still under protest several days later - hours working in the garden my veg plot is still half strawberry patch and half land of the weeds.

The rest of the garden is more weed free but still desperate for something more doing to it. The lawn still has a huge brown patch from our camping adventure at Easter! And when you have to mow your block paving you know you're definitely losing the battle of keeping up with the gardening.
Oh and did I mention the neighbours who chopped my hedge down? Or the fence man who STILL hasn't come to put me up a fence so I can have some privacy in my own garden? Aaaagggh!

Anyway wee one and I took ourselves off out for a drive the other day and found ourselves at a Homebase, don't ask!

I didn't get any of the things I actually need (lack of funds) but we did pick ourselves up two bargains that will hopefully pay for themselves.

Not sure why as they didn't appear any worse for wear than those that were still at full price.

Reduced from £4.99 to £1.98

At that price is would have been daft not to have a matching pair eh? :D

They perked up considerable after a good watering, but then inevitably not long after I watered them it started to rain and didn't stop for hours and hours!
Here's hoping soon we'll be able to nip out to the back door and pick some of our very own tomatoes.


Me said...

Cute! I'd leave the patch on the lawn! Gardens aren't supposed to look perfect... (I don't think so anyway). I used to have an allotment, and it used to bug me walking through to ours past neat rows and weed-free plots, and perfect little sheds and fruit cage-thingys constructed from wood. I couldn't help but say to myself 'you're doing it all wrong!!- take a look at mine- its realistic!'

I have strawberries in my hanging basket, and can't wait! xxx

Curry Queen said...

We are great vegetable gardeners as well and the Shah has constructed a raised vegetable bed which we attack with great enthusiasm but mixed results every year. PS Bulgur wheat is like couscous - you get it dried (from any supermarket) Enjoy!

Pink Feather Paradise said...

I have 3 tomatoes slowly turning red on my basket ... But nowhere near as big as yours ... I reackon you'll get loads ... Just consider all the butterflies and bugs that are thriving in your " nature" garden ... I have one exactly the same ... With the added odour of chicken poo! Lol xxx