Monday, 4 July 2011 is the bathroom

A double shower cubicle and a nice white toilet and sink to replace the avocado suite.

We shifted the sink round from it's original setting as it made no sense having it there plus it freed up space on that wall keeping all the pipework together instead of the huge box thing that had hidden it all before. I took great pleasure ripping that box out I can tell you.

Nice shiny towel warmer/radiator that's very good for hanging socks on to dry. ;)

Another shot of the shower. Oh and the added bonus of being able to see where the ex tore down a wall in the back hallway about 3 years ago and then well you know the rest of that story. You can see where the wall was by the missing lino on the floor. You'll notice that the tiling is not finished at the doorway. That's because the plan is to continue the tiling out into the back hallway and kitchen, so to keep the flow we left it like that for now. I keep saying we - that's me and the guy that fitted the bathroom and never came back. LOL

And there we have it my shiny new bathroom minus the air extractor that hopefully I'll get fitted one of these days. Don't look too closely as I took these pics quickly to show you all and I hadn't done the housework yet. Yet! Who am I trying to kid - it's too sunny to do housework! LOL


Me said...

Its looking lovely! You must be very proud of your efforts. Housework- whats that?! ;) xxx

lisa ridgeon said...

Looking good!

Curry Queen said...

Very impressive!