Friday, 1 July 2011

Radio silence

Well that's that then. Big one is away to Malawi and I won't hear from her now until the end of July when she comes back.

The drop off on Wednesday was a bit of a drama. There were tears, there were highs and lows and there was a middle of the night drive to collect a missing item of her uniform while she slept unaware that her wee sister and I would be standing at the pick up point in the morning ready to give her that one last hug and kiss that she wasn't expecting. Oh and the missing bit of uniform. :)

When I looked back after leaving her at her friends house and saw that sad face how could I not do something that I knew would make her smile? She had said earlier in the evening that she wished we could be there in the morning to wave her off.

Once wee one and and I had done the return 100 mile drive (fortunately wee one had slept during the night's journey) she took herself to school for the afternoon and I took myself off to my bed for some much needed shut eye. I'm getting too old for a 400 mile drive and a night of no sleep not to have an effect. :p

Later in the afternoon I switched on my laptop to discover a beautiful message that big one had left the previous afternoon, just before we left the house to take her down.

Then up popped a private message - she was at Heathrow, the flight to Malawi was due to leave shortly but she just wanted to send wee one and I more hugs and kisses and let us know that the fact she was about to fly to Africa really hadn't sunk in yet. Bless her.

I'm really going to miss having her here but I know she is going to have an amazing experience that hopefully she will look back on in years to come with good memories. I'm so proud of her and I can't wait to hear all about her adventures and I'll be sure to share with you all too. ;)


Curry Queen said...

Oh bless! You must all be missing each other like mad. I've just waved the son off to Crete. Not quite Malawi and certainly not a charitable venture. In fact, the only thing that is likely to be in need of Charity when he returns is his liver...:)

Emma said...

Looking forward to hearing how she got on xxx

Emma said...

I'm looking forward to hear all about her wonderful adventure when she returns xxx

Menopausalmusing said...

She will have such adventures and tales to tell...... Hard for you to let go, I know, but she will get so much from it.

diney said...

I can imagine how much you will be missing her. What a lovely surprise for her to .see you both before she left! Such wonderful memories she is now making for herself :)

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Big hugs to you and this just goes to proove what I have always known ... You are a fabulous loving caring mum! Xx