Thursday, 25 November 2010

Queen of Procrastination

Do you remember me posting about working in my pals shop in May? And I knitted something up that a certain someone thought was a cover for their gin bottle? :)

Well I finally sewed it together today. Yes that's right 6 months later.

Big one is very pleased as now she can stop wrapping the hotty botty up in a towel. Bad Mother Award to me.
But I'm quite pleased with how it turned out, I'm thinking of adding some embellishments. Maybe even knocking up a few more and seeing if I can sell them.....maybe.

So what else did I do today. Well I wrapped up warm and took myself off to the charity shop. I don't know if you've seen the news but my part of the world is a bit white at the moment.

This was the garden just before the huge flakes started coming down again. The smalls were very disappointed this morning when I phoned the school snow closure line (yes we have things like that in Scotland) and only the kids who took the bus in from surrounding villages were off. They are hoping the snow keeps falling and their school gets closed tomorrow. LOL

Anyway I toddled off to the charity shop as I've not been down there for a while and look what i found.

The cutest snail. Yes I know I have odd tastes in my knick knacks, what with hands, heads, mushrooms and the like. But look at that face.

Right off to make a hot drink, it's blinking cold tonight isn't it?


Twiggy said...

Great hottie cover and fab snail. We have a snowline too, we loved laying in bed last year listening to the radio for school closures, cheering when Twiglet's school was mentioned and going back to sleep:) However, they've got all high tech this year and have set up a texting service instead!!
Twiglet was v.disappointed we had two tiny snow flurries, he wants to build a snowman!!
Keep warm
Twiggy x

bekimarie said...

Love the snail, is he as big as he looks?
Now get knitting, that botty cover is fab!
No snow here and don't think we're forecast any either, tis bloody cold though!

B xxx

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Love the colour of that hot water bottle and also the colour of the snail. WEll done you!

The Girl said...

Three cheers for getting on and finishing projects! Hip, hip, HOORAY!

Em said...

I love the hottie cover!! I really really wish I could knit!
and the snail is sooo cute!!!
We had no snow until about 2 hours ago, I'm hoping we get enough to play out in for an hour then it all goes away until next winter.
Have a great weekend.
Em xxx