Saturday, 27 November 2010

Snow Days

Now I live in Scotland so snow is not unusual but to be honest snow in November is. We don't tend to get this much, this early.

We've had snow since Tuesday, I see the rest of the country is starting to catch up and snow has even landed right down at the bottom of the UK.

Are we entering the start of the new Ice Age? Some theorists seem to think we're due one so who knows!

View of back garden with no flash

These are a few pics from my back door and front door this evening. Thank god I went shopping today so I don't have to go trudging through it to the local shop for a wee while.

Footprints courtesy of the Monster after he decided to brave it to go for a much needed pee.

View from the front door. Pretty isn't it?

Wherever you are stay safe and warm. x


Em said...

We had the tiniest bit last night but its all gone except for a bit of ice.
Kia says its awful in Aberdeen,even in the city centre where she lives.
Take care and keep cosy.
Em xxxx

Menopausal musing said...

Not got much here. Not enough to close schools anyway. 'Tis early to be seeing it though, isn't it?

auntiegwen said...

Even down here in south midlands it is freezing with masses of snow. Looks lovely but I just find it really inconvenient if I have to get somewhere xxx

Emma said...

You stay in and keep warm and cosy..x

bekimarie said...

Ours has dissapeared now :o(
Fun for a while though not sure if we're due anymore!

B xxx