Monday, 22 November 2010

Just a few observations...

If it's your first concert please either take an adult with you or at least someone who is strong enough to keep you safe in the pit. I spent some time at the gig looking after someone else's child (a very small 16 year old) who had got seperated from her friends and was getting further and further way from them.

Mini skirts and very very high heels
have no place at a gig. Maybe they do at a JLS, The Saturdays or Peter Andre show but definately not at a gig which involves serious moshing. You may have no intention of entering the pit but you're still going to get mighty uncomfortable.

The Pit
* You will get pushed, shoved and squashed more than you ever have in your entire life. this is normal deal with it. DO NOT take it out on the people right next to you, they are not the one's pushing you on purpose they are being pushed just the same as you are. DO NOT jab your elbows or kick at these people, they will get annoyed with you and if while you may be lucky and have me standing next to you who only growls and looks menacing next time you might be stood next to the person who jabs, kicks or worse punches you back. It happens so don't be too shocked the next person isn't so peaceful.
* Pit etiquette dictates that if those around you are falling you help them, then they will return the favour when it happens to you.
* You will sweat more than you would in any sauna - please be wise, take a bottle of water with you. They will try to pass water out but it's very rare that it will ever get to you.
* Speaking about sweat, you will go home awash in not only your own sweat but every person that comes into contact with you in the pit. There is no point moaning. You come, you sweat, you go home, you shower.
* If you find yourself behind someone who is taller than you do not moan, bitch and whine about it.
* Firstly they have paid exactly the same amount of money as you and it's not their fault if you didn't get there early enough to ensure you got near the front.
* Secondly if you hadn't of been so rude and obnoxious they may have let you stand infront of them. Your bullying tactics may work for you at school but trust me in the pit you're on your own.
* Do not take a handbag that is the size of a small suitcase in the pit with you, it will get trapped between bodies, you will spend too much time trying to pull it back towards you and people will get fed up of getting banged by your ridiculous appendage.
* Wear sensible clothes that is mostly a tshirt, your clothes will get as pulled about as much as you, buttons pop off, loose things get pulled off. Yes it's hot but you don't want to get THAT friendly in the pit.

* Getting so drunk you can barely stand before the gig is pretty much a total waste of money. Exactly how much of the gig do you think you're going to remember with your head down the toilet? The fact I know you're underage as well hmmm enough said.
* Alcohol may make you feel more confident but apparently it also plays it's own soundtrack in your head and makes you dance when there is absolutely no music to dance to. Yes that's you mature lady with the very sober boyfriend, trust me love it wasn't a good look and I've been some pretty bad looks myself. ;)

The End of the Night
Do ensure everyone knows where you're supposed to meet up if you get seperated or if you're not planning on staying together all night. Wandering around on your own, exhausted and worried because you don't know where anyone is, is no fun.

Mobile phones
Marvellous technology, brilliant for that one in a lifetime chance of getting a photo but a sea of them up in the air is bloody annoying. Take the picture then put the bloody thing back in your pocket...please! Plus it will save your battery so you can find you friends at the end of the night - BONUS!

Aahhh that feels better.
Right the concert was fantastic, Paramore totally rock! Hayley has THE most amazing voice! She bounces around the stage like a lunatic and her voice stays pitch perfect, never falters or wavers, god I can't even go over a bump in the car and my voice wobbles. The guys in the band were equally amazing, loving the drummer!!!
They put on an amazing show, love their fans and and and and well lets just say when they come back over I'll be buying another ticket. :)

I woke up Sunday feeling like I'd had my body swapped for a very old lady, everything ached, even bits of me that I didn't know I'd used ached. Worth it though and I'm doing it all again on the 3rd Dec when me and big one are off to see Thirty Seconds To Mars.

This is the lead singer...

Mr Jared Leto. Yum Yum. Actually, I'm starting to see a few similarities in the fellas I like. LOL


auntiegwen said...

Oh yes, you'll fit right in at chez auntiegwen in her house of emo!!!

I feel it's not been a good gig unless I've been knocked over and covered in beer :)

The Girl said...

Ha this made me laugh so much - it's all so so so so true!!

Also. Don't go and see a band like Paramore or any kind of rock band and then complain that there is a pit. I've heard that one before. Move to the back people!

Aaaha Jared Leto. Cue memories of My So-Called Life, god I loved that programme.

Twiggy said...

Oooo my pal's daughter is going to see the Mars type band people, can you tell I have a 5 year old and not a 13 year old :)
Good list, can I add my own extra. When you go and see Oasis the plastic glasses that are being lobbed around probably don't contain beer. Don't wear a suede jacket :)
Twiggy x

lisa ridgeon said...

Brilliant advice! My boy Steven loves the mosh pit, he likes to be up close so he works his way to the front and then welds himself to the barrier with some un-known force, where he stays for the whole gig. Chaos reigns around him but he doesn't move...apart from a bit of headbanging! That boy is my hero!


Pink Feather Paradise said...

You should send this to a music mag... never been to a concert (except for a couple of glastonbury festivals! lol) would like to go and se Dave Grohl and the foo fighters but I think I am a little too old and boring for it! lol

x Alex

Menopausal musing said...

This made me roar with laughter... brilliantly written, even though I have never been in a pit, I can now imagine it........

Taz said...

AuntieGwen – awww I reckon we could swap houses and probably not realise for a few weeks ;)

The Girl – yeah think the mini skirt and stiletto brigade were probably thinking that. What’s going on why are those terrible people jumping around? LOL

Twiggy – yes least said about flying cups of liquids the better heheheeeee

Lisa – can I take your boy with me next time? :D

Alex – I’ll come to Foo Fighters with you hon! We are never too old! It’s just the next day you feel it ;)

Cathy – something to add to your to do list eh? I can totally see you rocking out babe. :)