Thursday, 4 November 2010

A nice cup of char

Last night I went a bit crazy and ordered myself some of my favourite tea. I ended up spending over £22 but in fairness that's a whole lot of tea and will keep me going for ages
Teapigs make some lovely lovely blends. Yes they are a bit pricey compared to your Tetley or P G Tips but I think I'm worth it. ;)

Thanks to Martin Lewis' moneysaving expert website I found a code for a discount so that saved me a some money, now do you think I need some new cups to drink my teapig tea out of?


Twiggy said...

I'm more of a coffee type myself but I do have a nice cup of Earl Grey every evening though. I make Mr Twigs make me one :)
Twiggy x

Deanna said...

You deserve the tea my dear! The cups are hilarious!

Deanna :D

bekimarie said...

Have not ried or heard of these and being a huge tea fan I think I need to know more!
Love the cups!

B xxx