Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Still snowing!

That was a shocker eh? Not!!

Anyway I think we've covered the whole snow thing before so I'll move on to something else more interesting.

Now while it's like this outside.

My back garden and yes the bottom of the slide is indeed buried in snow.

And your front and back door are about as effective as this.

An idea may be to take this...

and this...

And make this...

The jury is still out as to the colours but to be honest beggars can't be choosers. I bought the curtains many many moons ago and had made some bags out of the red pair so it was just a case of cobbling together what I had left to make them long enough. Yes I know they're too long at the bottom but that is because the draught at the bottom of the door is vicious.

So they may not be the best curtains in the world but for just now they're the best I've got. :D

How's everyone else baring up in the cold?


Em said...

Uuugh I'm sick of the snow and We only got ours today!!!
I love your curtain Taz,both fabrics are lovely and it looks a bit christmassy I think.
Keep cosy
Em xxxx

Taz said...

That's a week we've had ours now Em and it just keeps coming. :(
Yeah you're right it does look a bit Christmassy, thanks for pointing that out. Once I've got all our decs up they'll fit right in. :D xxx

Menopausal musing said...

They do the job Missus! Not much snow here but VERY cold...brrrrrrrrr.

auntiegwen said...

I am completely bored with the snow, been here for a few days but I'm done for the winter now xx

Twiggy said...

We've had thick snow for 2 days, a sprinkling last weekend but it's soooo cold. I've got some old curtains at the ready to hang over the door. But as ever Mr Twigs hasn't got the right stuff to put up a curtain rail. The car is snowed in, so no trip to B & Q for us :) Twiglet is having his 2nd snow day off school today.
Keep cosy.
Twiggy x