Sunday, 4 April 2010

The things you find even when you're not looking

One of the wonderful things I love about t'internet is finding new sources of things that I have lived the whole of my life without but suddenly they become things I need.

Thanks to the lovely ladies at Domestic Sluttery I now have Hidden Art bookmarked as one of my favourites. Let's see if any of you agree with my, sometimes odd, likes.

Haven't we all at some time in our lives wanted to dive head first into a plate full of cake? No! Really? C'mon I know you have. ;)

I'd love this in my new (yeah like when is that going to happen) kitchen. But would worry that a visitor would think it was a pan embedded in the wall after my throwing it. LOL Not that I do that...honest!

Every Mummy should have one of these.

These hand hooks are brilliant

but I think I'd have to have this one for those visitors that you really could live without.

Unfortunately I can't afford an online shopping spree just now but window shopping (what is the online word for that) is just as much fun.

Just to let you know I've added comment moderation on as I keep getting chinese posts and I don't want to open any doorways to spam.


lisa ridgeon said...

I'm liking your choices here although i find the cake stand a bit disturbing. Dismembered dolls are always a bit creepy!


Menopausal musing said...

Fantastic finds! I particularly like the hand hooks...... so funny!

JuicyFig said...

I LOVE the cake stand!
I wanted to stick my head under the chocolate fountain until I foud out that a) my niece had been dropping cheesy puffs into it and b) you use about a pint of oil mixed into the chocolate - now even I have my limits!

The hands...When I first met my husband he had made a couple very similar to these from rubber gloves and some epoxy resins from work. I am afraid I really didn't like them, and they mysteriously vanished one day....


Josie said...

I like the saucepan!
Josie x