Saturday, 3 April 2010

Only in Scotland

Yes I did post about winter conditions and yes there really was snow, infact there still is snow lying on the ground in piles by the side of the road where the snow plough has shoved it. But Mother Nature has decided that we do actually deserve a bit of sun and while the rest of the country seems to be sodden and wet the sun has well and truly got his hat on.

So to make the most of a lovely sunny day we went out for a drive and ended up in a local wee fishing village.

I love the no mooring ropes on the light sign, can you imagine how many lamposts were bent out of shape before they put that up? LOL

Obligatory arty lobster pot shots.

Looking at this I could almost pretend I was at some little Greek fishing village. Ok ok I know too much of stretch, the houses would have to be at least white and the sun would be a whole lot brighter and the sea blue instead of the North Sea grey it is. :)

This is a barometer built into a granite pillar that is a Victorian memorial to the seafaring men of the town and there is a plaque to the memory of a local lad who was killed serving in the Royal Navy aged 27 and his ship sank in the China Sea. I couldn't get a better shot as there was a car parked right in front of it. :/

A clear shot of the harbour walls. Romantic or decide.

On the way home wee one said she would like to do some crafting so we got out the beads and she made some earrings.

She made herself and one of her best friends a pair then carried on and one.

The plan is now that she's going to take them to school and see if she can sell some to her friends. My little entrepreneur. She'll be on Dragon's Den soon looking for backing to start her own Etsy/Folksy shop LOL

And of course to finish the afternoon off nicely you have to have a bit of cake.

It's carrot cake so that's one of my five a day covered. :)


twiggypeasticks said...

Oooo what a pretty fishing village, definitely romantic not gloomy. Whereabouts in Scotland do you live? Fantastic earrings what a talented girl you have. I'm supposed to be dressed by now, must get going. Have a nice weekend poppet.
twiggy x

The Vintage Kitten said...

Love the photos! Happy Easter X

Menopausal musing said...

Ye Gods! what a difference from day to day....

The girl did well with her earrings, didn't she? Have a great Easter :O)

Lydia said...

We went up to Scotland a few years ago for the DownHill event in Fort William - It was a truly stunning place to discover...

What lovely pictures of the harbour - so very petty, and blue sky, woo-hoo!

Clever daughter - quick get her earning the pennies/pounds. All for a bit of, ehem child labour (only when its mine though...)

Funny pants comment on mine! Ta! Do you think we could keep it going from comment to comment???

Love Lydia

Pea Green Kitty said...

What a pretty place! Reminds me of Whitby.
Wishing you a very Happy Easter!

Oh...PS, Im not sure if you can freeze Risotto, ive never tried it. Do you know I never liked peas either, I wouldnt even try them until I was about 25 and now I love them (well, maybe love is too strong a word!!) You must try the recipe though, its yum!

JuicyFig said...

That is the kind of fishing village I dream of living in - standing on that little quey-side in a shawl looking out for my lost sailor...sigh...

The earings are fantastic - you have a crafty star there!

Happy Easter