Friday, 9 April 2010

Oh I do so love a bargain

Following on from an earlier post you will understand that when I spend my money I do like to know I'm getting a good deal.
Subsequently you'll often find me in charity shops, table top sales and on the high street...The Pound Shop and Primark. Saying that you can find some bargains in all shops it's just a matter of keeping your eyes open. Friends often say 'How do you always find the bargains? I never find anything!' The answer is easy, 'I root and rummage and keep my eyes peeled for that alluring reduced sticker' :)

I've been wanting to show you my charity shop find for ages.

See that price tag £2.30 for an enamel coffee pot. I've been eyeing them up on ebay for ages so when I spotted this on the shelf in my local charity shop it was swiftly paid for by me.

Now as you may remember I live in a rural village so getting to a decent high street involves around a 70 mile round trip which is probably a good thing as it means I don't shop too much.

Anyway on my last trip to Primark I picked up these beauties.

As our family holiday to Tunisia is not until the Tattie holiday (October half term) we're hoping for a decent summer so we can do some camping. Wee one has out grown her old sleeping bag so when we spotted this beauty for £4 she was a happy little bunny.

I like how the colours are almost vintage in style with cute wee flowers
You have no doubt been seeing this bag a lot around the blogging world.

And finally this cute mug and coaster set. £2. Now maybe I'm stingy but sometimes I see some gorgeous mugs but when I turn them over to check the price I balk. I'm sorry but these things break when you drop them!


The Girl said...

Man I haven't been in Primark in sooooo long! I used to go in all the time but then I switched offices and I'm at the wrong end of town for it now. You've just made me want to drop everything and go immediately!

caroline said...

Camping yeah. We're going camping with some Fellow Neeps in May at Rsehearty. Either 3rd or 4th weekend. You and the troops should come along.

JuicyFig said...

Nobody appreciates a bargain like me! they are all fab - it's so good when you have wanted something for ages then find it and can aford it! makes it worth more I think!


lisa ridgeon said...

Poundland is great isn't it. I went in there with a friend one time and as there are no prices on anything i kept saying 'i wonder how much this' and my friend kept saying 'it's Poundland, it's a pound'. I thought i was being funny but she didn't seem to think so! Strange!


Menopausal musing said...

Just loving that coffee pot! I also am a great lover of pound shops :O)

Jude said...

Lucky you...we have bazaars in the winter months...Greeks don't 'get' them so it usually means the ex pats against the Albanians...fighting tooth and nail for a bargain...I'm still seathing with a friend who got an amazing outfit for the princely sum of 1 euro!!!
Take care

Just_Fee said...

Lol, great bargains!
I have the exact same coffee pot but mines it bright yellow!!!

Lydia said...



LissyLou said...

That coffee pot is gorgeous!! good find x

Susie Q said...

Who wouldn't love a bargain! I especially like the Abdn Market, which is full of crap but when you need something very specific, you know where to go.. :D

When I was a kid, my mum used to rummage around car boot sales and charity shops and I used to absolutely HATE it, but now that I've grown up, where do I turn to when I'm bored and feel like going shopping? Yeah, the same shops I used to loathe. :)


Bobo Bun said...

Thanks so much for your lovely comment Taz.

I completely agree with you about mugs. When we had lino they bounced, now we have quarry tiles they smash each and every time. Prefer cheap and lovely and your pear one is definately lovely.

Lisa x

recklessbliss said...

I am in love with that pear mug. So cute! I would love for you to stop by my blog if you get the chance. God bless!