Monday, 2 March 2009

Numpty blogger

that's me. Can you believe we went to a 10th Wedding anniversary party on saturday. It was a themed party him indoors went as a Mod and I went as a punk but did either of us think to take photos of ourselves? Well no but a few friends were roaming around with cameras so fingers crossed someone will have managed a not too blurry drunken shot here and there. :D

Yesterday was St David's Day and being Welsh that should be a big deal for me but due to the fact that we had people round to our house after the party finished it meant I didn't actually get to my bed until the birds had started their morning song. So yesterday was spent lying on the sofa dozing. Thankfully my small people were happy to potter around and lie down with me.

Today marks 7 years since me and the smalls packed up all our belongings and moved up to Scotland (him indoors moved up 6 months beforehand) Wee one was only 1 and big one 7 when we moved up. Now even though I call them my small people they are growing up so fast and into beautiful young ladies. Big one made me laugh on Saturday as she was doing my make up for the party (punk style - she researched it online - and I had to explain what a punk was to wee aren't they great for making you feel old) and wee one was spraying my hair, which I had backcombed to within an inch of it's life and styled into a mohawk, a multitude of whacky colours. Big one said "I really have no way of rebelling do I Mum." Uuumm well as this mum has tattoo's, several piercings, does not do high street fashion and listens to big one's requests for hair styles/colours/piercings (only ears so far) I had to reply "Probably the only way you can rebel if you feel the need to sweetie is to wear a-line skirts and be very conservative." Then off she went to her room to rummage through her accessories to go with my outfit. Later this week we're going to design our own converse and get them ordered. :D

I love the days like that, those are the days that you know you're doing an ok job. ;)


Anonymous said...

sounds like you had a great day!
I would love converse too but they don't deliver to the UK...Shame!

twiggypeasticks said...

Hope you get hold of some photos. I had a fab pair of blue Converses and I'm currently coveting some green ones. We were discussing the fact that Twiglet will have to think of something good to shock us as we've probably already done it. However, don't think I'll tell him that ;)
Twiggy x

Shabby Chick said...

Haha, you sound like an excellent Mum! My parents used to give me a lot of freedom and I have to say I repaid them by becoming the teenager that never took drugs, supported the Tories and then getting a full time job! Enjoy designing the converses :)

Mel xxx

Deanna said...

Hi Taz,
I'm with twiggypeasticks in that hopefully someone took a snap of the two of you and you can post it soon!

I've had every color of those shoes and I still love them!

Deanna :D

Vintage Kitten said...

Great Post! I wish you had pictures to show us. Its so funny thinking how any children (if I had any) could shock me. Ive been a Goth and a Skinhead in my time. My record collection (or should that be vinyl these days?)has death metal and punk. My nose was pierced and I have a tattoo (although not visible unless you know me intimately). Thankfully I did refrain from getting Maggie Thatcher with the grim reaper dripping blood (from an Exploited record cover) tattooed on my arm in the 1980's LOL!
I have to say Im more concerned that you 'get to know Gnomes' Now if you were my mum THAT would shock me LOL!

Things Hand Made said...

made me laugh!

JuliaB said...

oh you must get some pics! Did you live in England before then? x

Menopausal musing said...

Photographic evidence is called for here....... ha! Thanks for comments on my blog. x