Wednesday, 18 March 2009

A sunny day and where am I?

Stuck indoors at work! Typical, it's just not fair is it, but I did get some washing out on the line before I went to work BUT big one did not think to bring it in when it started raining this evening and I was out at wee one's swim class. Ah well.

I do love daffodils, it won't be long until the local fields are full of them. Big daffodil production up here. I'll have to try to get some good shots to share with you. For now here are the daffs on my mantlepiece.

Do you like my new Converse?

Their brightness has been commented on :) To be honest I wonder if I'm having some sort of breakdown because my main colour of choice is black but all of a sudden I'm going bright! Must be all you lots influence ;)

Nothing much else to report today, work, mum taxi service, long phone catch up with one of my best friends, feeding small people, eating hot cross buns...

So for your visual delight here are a few late 80's early 90's Country Life images...

Sorry they're not the best shots in the world but I hope you still enjoy them. Watch this space as I travel through the months of each decade over the next few days/weeks/months. Actually as a matter of interest it's funny (not so much ha ha) how much Country Life has changed yet stayed the same. The earlier magazines I have seem to have concentrated much more on the actual life of the country, as in animal husbandry, conservation, farming methods while still having beautiful photographs of crafts, houses and wildlife. Even the Country Life show was advertised so differently in one of the magazines there is a whole pull out booklet listing all the stall holders that would be there, times of all the exhibitions and demonstrations and so much more. Ah the days before it was merely a click away LOL


twiggypeasticks said...

Dig those Converses. I bought Mr Twigs some stars and stripes ones from a charity shop the other day sadly they don't fit. Won't tell you what I paid for them, because you may faint, what a bargain, wish they weren't 3 sizes too big for me - pah!!!
Twiggy x

Lydia said...

No PJ's @ work for me - they might think I was a patient, also may raise the Dr's blood pressure!! We had a sunny day too - wanted to be at home tackling the garden....
Love Lydia xx

Lydia said...

Large Ones!


Deanna said...

Hi Taz,
love the daffs, wish I could grow them but I know they'd be dead in a sec in my care!

Oh, before I forget:


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Good Luck!
Deanna :D

Pink Feather Paradise said...

I must be really uncool! I had no idea that a shoe was called converse or that they were coveted.... I must be old and out of it!

I love the pictures of the mags, Joanne and I were recently talking about how the magazines these days have very little info and are just photo's and adverts... also another sign that I am getting old if I have started craving

Sorry about the St Andrews day blunder, the web can be very confusing sometimes, the article I read made it sound like a proper holiday not voluntary... :o

Love the daffodils, they use to grow them for production here but they have tagged the green fields for a trading estate development... typical!

Take care
Alex x

bekimarie said...

Oooooh, how i'd love to flick through those mags. They should certainly keep you quiet for a while.

Love your Converses!

Take care
Beki xxx

Shabby Chick said...

Those CL's look good, are you going through in order or just picking up whatever you fancy?

I think blogging does change what we like, I've definitely been more into colour the last few months. If you like the trainers and they make you happy then why not!

Pretty daffs xxx

funkymonkey said...

I love Converses but my 13 year old son wouldn't speak to me if I had some! I was stuck at work too instead of being outdoors. Today I'm stuck inside ironing.


Menopausal musing said...

I am REALLY going to enjoy going through those mags with you. x

Kookie said...

I love daffies, I used to strip my old garden of them as soon as I could and have jamjars & bowls & ANYTHING filled with them : )

ooh and one night on his way home my youngest brother picked every daffodil that the council had planted on his route home - naughty naughty - my Mum didn't know what to do with them all : D

Menopausal musing said...

Kookie's brother for Prime Minister!. . :O)

jellybelly*jellybrain said...

Hey there!
I am still alive!!
I've had a really big (for me) wholesale order come through so I am busy, busy, busy - which is good news!
I have also got a bit (shh, say this next bit quietly) bored of blogging (gasp)
Thanks for noticing my absence!

Vintage Kitten said...

Daffs are so cheerful arent they? Love the old photos from Country Life especially the one with the Aga X