Tuesday, 3 March 2009

I appear to be following myself.

Is anyone else a follower of themselves or is it just a special talent I seem to have picked up? Very odd. Anyway...
I forgot to share with you the lovely poster wee one had made for us returning from Denmark. It was stuck to the front door and was a lovely sight as we got out of the taxi.

Went shopping today and thought I'd do my bit and get the smalls some of these crazy crisp flavours that have been doing the rounds just lately.
Wee one and I both think these
taste disgusting.
And these ones... just taste of egg. So if builders only eat eggs then I guess that would be right but most builders I know have the full monty and not just a few eggs. Big one refused to try either of them, she's probably the wiser of us all. :)

While I was out and about I called into Matalan to check out this Anthea Turner range that people have been raving about and I ended up buying 2 of the large glass jars and 2 of the smaller ones. Well I say smaller but even the small jars are huge. I meant to take a pic but at the moment they are drying after having a good wash. I'm planning on using them to keep my baking stores in. Now if I could just find a nice dresser. Oh one picture I do have is the added bonus of these that I have safely taken out of the jars and are now safely in with my craft supplies.

And seeings as how I seem to be showing off all the things I keep spending money on, my I proudly present to you my £3 cake stand from the charity shop.

Again with the flowers and prettiness!
I can only assume that I'm becoming attuned to flowers and pretty things thanks to all the lovely blogs I follow.

Still no word from the job that I applied for, the closing date was 20th Feb. Thought I'd leave it till Friday and if I've still not heard anything I'd phone their Human Resources and show a bit of initiative. Or at least put myself out of my waiting misery for the weekend.

Oh and I have actually crafted. Yes let the bells ring, bring on the trumpets, let the people dance in the street. I have crochetted a square AND knitted something. Rejoice, rejoice my mojo has come back to me.


Menopausal musing said...

Bum! Bum! Bum! I managed to follow myself tonight too.... Still, I managed to lose myself later. (Story of my life!).I Find it all a nightmare sometimes.... Love that cakestand. x

bekimarie said...

Lovely cake stand!
I saw a lovely one in Morrisons today with the Mothers Day gifts so of course i've dropped a few hints lol!
Beki xxx

Lavender hearts said...

Hi Taz, love the cake stand! Have you tried the WI? The amount of things they do is amazing. The one by us has doen proper upholstery courses and all sorts, you know the ones that usually cost an arm and a leg! :-)

twiggypeasticks said...

Awww the welcome home poster is lovely :) nice cake stand. Apparently you can vote for your favourite rubbish Walkers flavour, don't fancy the chilli choccy ones, but I LOVE chilli choccy - it's becoming a bit of an addiction!
Twiggy x

Lace hearts said...

I've just got to stop and comment, cos I agree - didn't like the chilli and choccie AT ALL. Yuk. We've got the squirrel one in the cupboard... can't quite bring myself to open it!
Love the cakestand!

Deanna said...

LOL! Taz, you are so funny! I followed myself at one time but took myself off of the list somehow...LOL!

I loved your cake stand and I think the chilli chocolate would go over well here in San Antonio.

Deanna :D

JuliaB said...

I have heard many reports that those chocolate/chilli crisps are horrid. Havent't tasted them myself though. Nice cake stand! x

Shabby Chick said...

Following yourself mmm, that's quite a talent! One way of increasing the numbers though ;)

Love your cakestand, I think the girly prettiness has worn off on me too. My husband keeps saying he wants to bring in some stuffed crows or something to make the house more 'manly' (naturally I have put my foot down!)

I hope it's good news on the job application, some places are just really slow at sifting through.

Now I need to hatch a plan to get myself to Matalan hee hee hee

Mel xxx

Shabby Chick said...

Thanks for the advice Taz, I know what you're saying but I don't know what to do. I wish I was one of the stepfords sometimes! I am the red faced mummy who rushes in late having forgotten something vital to their cool and collected perfectly made up selves! Mmm a difficult decision which I think I won't be happy with either way.

Mel xxx