Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Yesterdays pictures

Ok after bouncing my camera off the wall a few times (not really dear him indoors if you're reading) I have finally got the pictures to download onto the computer. So with no further ado here we have.

Twiggypeasticks giveaway parcel...

The smalls were very grateful for their wee treats, thank you petal.

And look how well does this lovely woman know me...

Here is the beautiful brooch that I chose...

And there's more...

Just what everyone needs lovely smelling soaps and chocolate.

Again thank you so much Mrs Twigs. x

Ok I'm sure you're all dying to see what 20 years worth of Country Life magazines look like aren't you and proof that I really do have them all in my possession. Well they are currently languishing on my living room floor - yep that's really helping with the chaos that my house of clutter is currently in! Anyway here you go.

Now what else did I want to bore, I mean share with you. Oh yes my shelf in the kitchen that did house a tv that no one watched. Well here it is now with my cake stand, some pretty daffodils and a bird house that wee one decorated.

Note how I've taken a very cropped shot of just the shelf, well I'd be too ashamed to post the rest of my kitchen but one day it will house new units and much less clutter ;) Oh the wee keyrack below the shelf is the one big one made at school, I hope to have a few more things hanging from that soon. ;) besides keys that is.

Ok I know enough photos already but last one I promise. I just had to show you the tea towels I bought in Primani (or Primark if you're not so posh) at the weekend.

Right well I'm off out to meet a friend for lunch now - yes I know I'm avoiding the housework again!


Shabby Chick said...

Ooh enjoy your lunch!

I am avoiding the housework today too (you know why). The girls are doing *something* upstairs, I don't even want to know what! My husband normally comes home at lunch but after an "Irish Breakfast" at the mess he is staying at work for some sort of freebie lunch too. Jealous? Me?

I always try to keep my kitchen out of shots too! I must find a picture of my old one, which I lurved. Love your gifties.

Mel xxx

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Have a lovely meal, I am thinking of popping into town and grabbing some lunch while we are out (thats Danny man and myself) we are becoming quite refined cafe goers... especially cute while he drinks his cup of tea and mimics Wallace "nice cuppa tea gromit!" I think I must be gromit! says it all really!!!lol

Clutter, what clutter!

I bought some clutter blinkers! I see no clutter at all... ever!

X Alex

LissyLou said...

Great interesting post!! where do i begin!!??

Hope you enjoy your lunch.

Must show us some pics from years old magazines.

Lucky old you to get a great giveaway.

Love the teatowels from Primark.



My Goodness! - true gold stacked up there on your sitting room floor! Pity you do not live nearer - you'd have a permanant house guest! Enjoy!

x Vicky x

Vintage Kitten said...

Lovely pictures. Your kitchen shelf is really cute. Happy St Patricks Day X

Lydia said...

Lunch out? Yum! I love the decorated bird box - what a fab idea (can you read my mind....)


twiggypeasticks said...

You are more than welcome lovely lady. Those mags look fab!!
Twiggy x

Lydia said...

Its me! Back again!!

Hall table from IKEA - It started out cheap, but added up with the drawers. However very pleased, as it limits G's ability to dump & his clutter & run.

The eggs are Gisella Graham from the local gift shop, as were the V. nice glass ones. Dunelm & Sainsburys both have some nice Easter things too...

Going now, before you think I'm stalking you!