Thursday, 26 February 2009

Warning! Highs and lows

Yes I've put a warning for this chocolate cake as after a slice of it my eldest seems to go hyper. I made this for her 8th birthday and haven't made a habit of making since but thought I'd treat her for her 14th, possibly in the hope that it would keep her in our company for as long as it would take to eat it. Once you see the ingredients you'll understand why. It is incredibly gorgeous though.

Look at that gooeyness.

I baked it in a square tin but then realised that the tin was too big, plus I didn't have a plate big enough to hold the cake so I had to cut it in half and double it up. Big one didn't mind though, double gooeyness! :)

You can see how moist it is in the middle.

More gooeyness? Oh yes it's not over yet.
Here comes the topping...

Voila. One Bruce Bogtrotter's Chocolate Cake. You know Bruce Bogtotter, he's the wee lad who had to eat the whole cake because the horrible headmistress in Matilda made him. ;)

Right as promised a picture of the beautiful bookmark I received from Dinosaurtoes in her giveaway.
Beautifully wrapped
I feel so special with my posh bookmark.
Thank you so much dinosaurtoes. I would highly recommend everyone to go visit her etsy and blog as she makes the most gorgeous things.

I'm not one for sitting watching tv during the day usually but while I was typing this up I stuck the tv on to catch a bit of This Morning. Did I chose the day to do that! I was so sad to hear about David Cameron's son, Ivan who died yesterday. My heart goes out to his family. Of course on This Morning they were doing a segment about child bereavement and Denise the Agony Aunt has just had me in tears, as she was in tears herself. Losing a child is never ever the right order of things. So to all of us who have had to say goodbye far too soon. Look for the beauty in the smallest things and there you will see they are sending you a smile. (((hugs)))


bekimarie said...

Welcome back, looks like a good time was had.
The Danish hash looks yummy and then followed by a slice of your chocolate cake, i'd certainly have a big smile on my face.
Beki xxx


Yes, it was so sad to hear about the death of Ivan, my heart just goes out to his family - what can anyone say - so sad.

just love what you have done with your crocuses - they look so pretty!
Glad you had a good time in Denmakk.

LissyLou said...

Oh my god! that chocolate cake looks fab!! x

Vintage Kitten said...

Yes it was very sad news about David Camerons son. Your cake should have a health warning....looks very yummy though!